Essential Motorhome Accessories

If you have just invested in your first motorhome, you will need to spend a little bit more to get all the essential accessories and gear for your first road trip holiday. With an RV or motorhome being a form of transport and a living/sleeping space, there are certain accessories that are essential to have on the road not only for comfort but, more importantly, for safety.

Surge Protector

In today’s life, power surges are more common than ever before, and you don’t want to harm the electronics of your new motorhome. A surge protector will protect your new investment from any electrical faults that might be happening. Save yourself time, money, and a hassle-free camping experience. Even with the best-selling motorhomes, surge protectors are not built-in.

Water Filter

You never know where you might end up with an RV. You might be making an unexpected turn and not know what the water quality will be like. With an RV water filter, you will be able to have clean running water free of particles and sediments. Not only does an RV water filter protect you, but it also keeps these dangerous particles out of your water pump. Stay healthy on your holiday and drink clean, purified water.

RV Drain Hose

An RV Drain Hose is an essential accessory to have when going on a road trip holiday. Unless travelling with a composting toilet, this is something that will be needed to transfer waste to the sewers. This is an essential accessory that can easily be bought from most RV and motorhome shops.

Levellers and Chocks

Not all camping or stop points are level which will require any motorhome driver to get their motorhome level. Without levellers, you will struggle to sleep, your fridge can get damaged, and many other problems may arise. Together with the use of levellers, you will need to use Chocks to keep the RV or Motorhome on the same level it is. This is seen as a necessity and not as an accessory.

With the majority of motorhome owners having a dedicated focus on safety, sanitation, and comfort, these items should be considered essential items for your first or next road trip holiday.