Best Selling Camper Vans in the UK

Motorhomes are huge investments and should be done with careful consideration of your specific needs. Throughout the UK, there are many motorhome builders who are dedicated to producing quality conversions from some of the largest vans. Invest wisely as all your future holidays depend on it.

These are some of the most popular and best-selling motorhomes in the UK for 2022 so far.

Roller Team T-Line 743

The Roller Team T-Line 743 is the perfect van for practicality and luxury, with 4 beds and a stylish interior. Some of the best features found in this camper van include a private bedroom, a large kitchen with an oven and grill, and a swivel dining table. This is the perfect camper van for the traveller who is looking for both driving comfort and sleeping/living comfort. Priced from £57,110 this is an investment worthwhile.

Chausson 660 Exclusive Line

The Chausson 660 Exclusive has always been one of the most popular motorhomes for sale in the UK. Same as with the Roller Team T-Line, this model also has 4 sleeping destinations. Its dimensions in length are measured at just under 7m and are packed with features to make the lengthiest trip as comfortable as possible.

With a U-shape lounge that can seat up to 8 people, camping is easy, spacious, and comfortable. Other special features include an electric drop-down bed, kitchen, and two large entrance doors. You can hire the Chausson 660 to experience the pleasure of road tripping with luxury.

Auto-Trail Expedition C63

The Auto-Trail Expedition C63 is built into a Fiat Ducato, weighing up to 3650kg. This camper van was the winner of the best UK motorhome manufacturer in the Owner Satisfaction Awards 2022. The brand is well known for its sleek and modern motorhomes that are perfect for any road trip. The van is packed with useful features such as a fully kitted kitchen, storage space, a panoramic opening window skyline, an enclosed shower, and electric power steering.

By buying any of the mentioned motorhomes on this list, you are able to travel in comfort, style, and assurance that you invested in future holidays wisely. All the mentioned motorhomes on this list are built in the UK around well-known manufactured vans. Experience motorhome holidays in the UK.