Motorhome Blogs

The blogs on this list are all based in the UK and give details on how to get the most out of your next motorhome journey. These blogs provide up-to-date information on all the most important camper van accessories and more.

The Gap Decades –

The Gap Decades Blog is a blog written by full-time motorhomers who retired and started to travel through Europe by hiking, kayaking, cycling, running, and just keeping an active life full of adventure with their motorhome. Follow this blog to stay up to date on their journey and get advice on the basics of being a motorhome and full-time traveller through the UK.

Glamper RV –

The Glamper RV blog is dedicated to the Luxury Motorhome Hire movement in the UK and provides renting services. The company believes that its camper vans are the epitome of style, luxury, and comfort and provides rental services in the UK.

Our Bumble –

Our Bumble is a blog about travels around Europe and Beyond in a motorhome. Based in the UK, the blog was established in 2014 and followed the adventures of the two bloggers on their motorhome journey camping and more. Find country guides, practical tips, money-saving ideas, and much more on this blog to inspire your next road trip to be more successful.

Vandog Traveller

The Vandog Traveller is a blog by Mike Hudson and was established in the UK in 2013. The blog is about a traveller who quit his job and converted an old van into a home. The blog documents everything from how the blogger bought the van and remodelled it into a home on wheels.

Visit the blogs on this list for more information on how to travel with a campervan and read interesting stories of travellers who have chosen to take permanent motorhome holidays.