The Popularity of Camper Van Holidays in the UK

Camper holidays are becoming more popular each year among tourists as well as locals. It provides the perfect way to travel and see the UK for all its glory through the cities as well as the countryside.

With the way that life is changing all around us with many people working from home or working fewer hours, there is a lot more time to use for leisure, making a lot of people want to travel and explore their own country. Campervans provide a great way for families to spend time together on the road as well as at the campsites where they will be staying, making it extremely popular among family groups of four or more.

Another reason for the rise in popularity is due to lifestyle changes as many people are trying to find more exciting and adventurous ways to enjoy life. With motorhome holidays, people have the chance to experience the countryside with adventure in mind and explore all the most interesting forests and camping destinations.

With costs being one of the most important aspects to take into consideration with leisure activities, amper vans provide a much more affordable way to travel and stay on holiday. Rather than having a vehicle and needing to pay for your stay at hotels or resorts, you only need to drive your motorhome and park it at your holiday destination. By following just the basics of motorhome holidays, you will have a comfortable holiday with your van.

As a motorhome provides a much more comfortable stay than camping with a tent, many people are now opting to hire motorhomes rather than going on camping adventures. By hiring a motorhome, hikers can still enjoy their hikes and adventures throughout the day while being able to sleep in a comfortable spot each night and have a comfortable hideaway on rainy days.

Just taking a look at how #vanlife is being used all around social media platforms is proof enough that motorhomes and camper vans are becoming the new norm for a great holiday experience. The whole movement has made campervan life extremely different, with nearly 50% of travellers now taking their pets with them on road trips due to there being sufficient space for them to be comfortable.