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Motorhome List is a 'mailing list', whatís a mailing list?

Itís a group of people who communicate with each other by email. You send a message to a ďList ServerĒ which then sends it on to all the members of the mailing list. Another member may want to reply to your message, their reply is then sent out to all the members of the list also. 

You can think of a mailing list as being a bit like a pub, with conversation flowing back & forth. Some people stay in the background and just listen, others are always butting in!

This form of discussion group is unlike other 'Forums' or 'Communities' in that all the messages are sent by email - no need to log on to a website to read them (although you can elect not to receive the messages by email and read the messages on the web if you wish), and they are all private, so only members of the List can read them - even on the web.

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Buff's motorhome ode

Buying a camper van was the best thing we ever did, and I am sure you will feel the same. Our van is our cottage in the country, our beach hut when on the coast, a seat by the window in a restaurant with the best view possible, and a hotel with the best view possible from the bedroom, the kitchen and the loo!!! Our van isn't male or female, it is just heaven on earth! It represents freedom to roam and make the very most of every free day you have. Enjoy!

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Adrian Flux

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