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Information here has been provided by Motorhome List members (unless otherwise stated) and is shared for the benefit of all. Additions, corrections and updates are welcome! Email

Thanks to Ray for originally providing this listing (now amended and expanded) of campsites open all year - handy for a winter trip down to the south.

Note that this listing is now several years old - updates are welcome!

All prices are for one night and include electricity.

Most of theses details are several years old, updates welcome!

Camping Rio Vena @ Villafria de Burgos 42 deg 22.33' N 3 deg 36.55' W North East of Burgos on busy main road N1. OK for o/night stop.

Picon del Conde. Situated at KM 263 on route N1 north of Burgos. Well placed for Bilbao docks at Santurce (1hr 45m away with caravan in tow). Tel: 947 594 355

Camping Costajan @ Aranda del Duero 41 deg 42.08'N 3 deg 41.27'W Just off E5 North of Aranda del Duero. Well kept and very quiet. Pool open in summer.

Camping El Escorial @ El Escorial 40 deg 37.37'N 4 deg 5.84'W A large holiday site NW of Madrid. Supermarket. Pools open in summer. Good sports facilities. 13.00 - Ouch!

Camping Soto del Castilla @ Aranjuez 40 deg 2.53'N 3 deg 36.05'W Very quiet and well kept on banks of river. (2006 - Reported closed for refurbishment)

Camping Despanerros @ Santa Elena 38 deg 20.59N 3 deg 31.99'W Holiday site in mountains. Pitches have all facilities - TV, radio, telephone, water and drain. Just off E5. 8.00

Camping Sierra Nevada @ Granada 37 deg 11.7N 3 deg 36.74W On North approach into city, behind Nevada Hotel. Convenient to visit the Alhambra - an essential place to visit!

Camping Torre del Mar @ Torre del Mar 36 deg 43.97N 4 deg 6.05W Motorhome City!! Crowded but quiet. 100 m from sandy beach and fantastic promenade. Hypermarket within walking distance. Loads of restaurants.
10.87 minus OAP discount! Cash only!
Camping Playa Laguna is reportedly much better.(Good clean shower block and the toilets have seats unlike Camping Torre del Mar!) It is roughly the same price as Camping
Torre del Mar and gives great discounts for long stays.Web address:

Camping el Sur @ Ronda 36 deg 43.22N 5 deg 10.35'W 1 3/4 miles south of Ronda. Quiet, terraced and well kept site.

Camping La Paloma @ West of Tarifa 36 deg 4.58'N 5 deg 41.69'W Very large site, but quiet. Pool in summer. 1/2 mile to sandy beach. Excellent for windsurfing. Wild camping possible on beach.

Camping Guadalete @ South of el Puerto de Santa Maria 36 deg 34.67'N 6 deg 13.05'W A scruffy site with lots of statics - camp at the end furthest from the entrance, which is quiet, on grass and in the open.

Camping Brillante @ Cordoba 37 deg 54.02'N 4 deg 47.22'W Tightly packed city site with good facilities,but difficult to find! Within walking distance of the sights of Cordoba.
reportedly very quiet at end October and very plesant. We stayed here only to visit the Mesquita, the Moorish Mosque, which is indescribable. An essential place to visit!

MADRID: Camping Alpha ( Tel: 916958069) which is a few miles south of Madrid, at Getafe. Staff very helpful. It can be noisy as it's close to a road and an industrial estate (Poligono)
we understand it's used by Spanish week-enders but in the winter it was quiet. Hard standing You can get into Madrid using bus and metro quite easily. Madrid is not an easy city to drive in!

If you are going to Portugal, the Orbitur chain of sites are very good and you get a large discount in the low season if you are over a certain age! There is a web site at
Another listing at:
For Spain:

Wild Camping Southern Spain

This information is provided by kind permission of Wynne, who first posted it to the EUCA mailing list, and also Don Madge and other List members.

Note that this listing is now several years old and should not be relied upon - updates are welcome!

Benicasim - You can park on the road running by the beach in several places. No problem in winter months. There is drinking water in town in lots of places and paying loos on promenade.

Burriana - There are some super large areas where you can stay near to the sea. Someone told us there was water nearby but we never found it!

Oliva - some nice spots to park up near to the sea. Also water available near to the beach (not drinking)

Moraira - We stayed on a car park with no problems but you can be moved on from here by the police. Drinking water is available just inland at Benitachell (signposted on Moraira/Teulada road) By the way, there is an excellent car boot sale/market at Teulada every week, on Sundays if I remember correctly.

Calpe - Some good parking in beach area with lovely views of the Ifach.

Olla - This is just north of Altea. We were told about this spot by someone else. Driving from the north you should turn towards the coast (ie left!) 50 yards before the Renault Garage. There is a good space on the beach for vans. We went there a couple of years ago but it was already full of other vans so had to move on - but it is worth a try.

Arenals del Sol - This is just south of Alicante. If you drive right through the town you will come to a picnic area on your right. There is a large beach with dunes to the left which we did see some people parked on. It is OK to stay on the picnic site during the week. It gets filled up with Spanish families at the weekend so probably tactful not to be there then. There are toilets, water and barbecue areas there. We stayed several nights here but met someone who had been there for two weeks.

Santa Pola - Nice parking near the port but we did not stay the night. Santa Pola a delightful old town. Don't try driving down its narrow streets. We did this by accidents and found we couldn't turn the corner - very narrow with overhanging balconies!

Puerto de Mazarron - We did not free camp here as we stayed in the local campsite. However camping on the beach is tolerated and water can be obtained at the nearby fishing port.

Calahonda - This is on the N340 between Motril and Castel de Ferro. Lovely spot for parking on beach. Very near to shops etc. (NB I am sure there is another town called Calahonda in this region so make sure you go to right one)

Torremolinos - We did not actually stay here but saw other vans on a large area at the eastern end of the resort. You can park all day by the beach in the middle of the resort if you get there early in the morning.

El Rocio - see my article. Highly recommended! There is a shrine and a "Wild West" type village (the car park is very bad in the wet) you pay about 100pts per night to park. Don't go at the weekends many pilgrims visit.

Mazagon you park in a large area next to the Parador (no charge).

Haven't done much free camping in Portugal. When we were last there there had been a big crackdown by local police forces and vans seemed to have been moved on continually. Campsites are very cheap 'though sometimes very crowded and facilities not as good as Spanish/French sites. We did stay on large parking area near to the port in Tavira last year with two or three other vans but were warned that the area had just been cleared by police.

Spain is developing a network of aires de service and overnight stops for motorhomes. These websites have some listings (note that some listed places may be 'unofficial').

LPG refills

Prior to 2005 it was difficult, if not impossible, to get fixed LPG tanks refilled in spain. The situation has now changed and the following is a list of LPG stations that are reported to be able to fill LPG tanks.

Google Map of Spanish Autogas stations - thanks to Ian Voller for producing it. You can download the KML file for conversion to other formats here

Thanks to Creavis for this note (Sept 2010):
All of the stations I've visited have had adapters which allowed me to use my Italian style tank-mounting. They've usually had a number of adapters to choose from. One of the stations (Repsol in Barcelona) have even had my type of nozzle present at the pump. LPG in Spain is also quite cheap - it's between 0,6 Euro and 0,66 euro/L, so it's considerably cheaper than in main stations in France (usually 0,79 - 0,82 Euro/L on all motorway stations).

Date Location
Sept 08 Alicante
Avenida de Elche 170 Alicante: two pumps no problem for motor homes.
Jan 05 Barcelona
Filled LPG tank at the large 8 pump dedicated LPG station just outside of Barcelona
Apr 08 Madrid Airport - Barajas
GALP - Access very tight for large motorhomes
Sept 10 Ripollet AP-7 (E-15) - near Barcelona
Motorway services both sides have signs for GLP
Dec 10 Malaga
Calle De Concepcion Arenal s/n 29004
GPS: 36.69024 -4.48305
Euro nozzle pump (adapter available on loan for filling)

Repsol's list of LPG stations
Some of these have been confirmed as able to refill motorhome LPG tanks. Whether motorhomes may refill LPG tanks at the others is not known - reports appreciated! The information was originally provided by Repsol and has been updated by contributors. We have not checked any listings and cannot guarantee that they are currently accurate.

Dirección: Faquisal. Carretera Madrid-Alicante, km 252. ALBACETE
Dirección: Avenida de Elche 170. ALICANTE
Confirmed September 2008
Dirección: Calle K Sector C, Zona Franca. BARCELONA
Confirmed Sept 2010
Dirección: Carretera Alcubilla (Benavente-Malaneses) km 1,5. Benavente (ZAMORA)
Dirección: Carretera del Aeropuerto, km 1,7. CÓRDOBA
Reported closed Sept 2010
Dirección: Lugar de Mesoiro 8-10. LA CORUÑA
Confirmed April 2008 - Cash only, cards not acepted
Dirección: Carretera Antigua de Málaga, km 4. Pago de Fatinafar. GRANADA
Confirmed April 2008
Dirección: Mutauto. Carretera Hernani-San Sebastián, km 8. Hernani (GUIPÚZCOA)
Dirección: Carretera N-634, km 196. Hoznayo (CANTABRIA)
Dirección: Ctra. Jerez-Algeciras, km. 2,2. Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)
GPS N 36.66398 W 6.11331
(Nov 2006)
Confirmed April 2008
Dirección: C/ Méndez Álvaro s/n, cruce con M-30 km 11. MADRID
Dirección: C/ Ermita del Santo 80, esquina Vía Carpetana. MADRID
Dirección: C/ del Naranjo 1-3. Orilla de la Vía. MURCIA
GPS N 37.97361 W 1.11649
Cash only - no cards
Confirmed Sept 2008 - Cash only, cards not accepted
Dirección: C/ Peña Santa 61. Pol. Ind. de Silvota. Llanera (ASTURIAS)
Dirección: Carretera El Puerto-Rota, km 0,3. El Puerto de Santa María (CÁDIZ)
Dirección: Avenida Roberto Osborne 16. Pol. Ind. Carretera Amarilla. SEVILLA
Confirmed Sept 2010 - Cash only, cards not accepted, passport may be required
Dirección: C/ Gremis 10. Pol. Ind. Vara de Quart. VALENCIA
Confirmed Sept 2010
Dirección: C/ Bronce, s/n. Parcela 153. Pol. Ind. de Argales. VALLADOLID
Dirección: Camino del Caramuxo 21. San Andrés de Comesaña. VIGO
Confirmed April 2008 - Cash only, cards not accepted

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