FAQs for the Motorhome List

Including useful addresses and contacts

A list of FAQs is being compiled, it can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/motorhome-list/files/FAQs/

Terms of Use of the Motorhome List

Email commands

HTML in postings
Change email address

Addresses & Contacts:

Recomendations by List Members of companies giving good service


There are three ways to subscribe to the group:

Via e-mail, via the subscription box on the index page of the Motorhome List Website or via the Motorhome List section of the Yahoogroups website.

To subscribe via e-mail:

Send a blank e-mail to: motorhome-list-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

To subscribe via the Motorhome List section of the Yahoogroups website:

Go to the Motorhome List Section

Click on the "Subscribe" button, and then follow the instructions to complete subscription. You can choose to receive messages via e-mail (in individual or daily digest format) or only by accesing them via the web on the group's message page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/motorhome-list/messages


There are two ways to unsubscribe from a group:

Via e-mail or using the Web site. There are also ways to remain a member but reduce or eliminate the group e-mail.

To unsubscribe via e-mail, send an empty e-mail to motorhome-list-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com. Be sure your e-mail program is adjusted to send mail from the address you want unsubscribed. If you are not sure what address you are subscribed as, you will find the address used to reach you in the "Return-Path" header of the messages you receive from the List.

To unsubscribe via the Web:

Sign in to Yahoogroups, and go to My Groups. Select the Edit Groups tab - The option to leave the Group can be selected from there.

Alternatively you may wish to remain a member but reduce or eliminate group email by changing your subscription option to No Mail/Web only or Daily Digest. You can also do this by email commands, see below, or via the Yahoogroups website here

Email commands

You can change your subscription options by email commands as follows:

Put your email message delivery on hold: Send a blank message to motorhome-list-nomail@yahoogroups.com
Change your subscription to daily digest mode: Send a blank message to motorhome-list-digest@yahoogroups.com
Change your subscription to individual emails: Send a blank message to motorhome-list-normal@yahoogroups.com


Any problems with the functioning of the List or the conduct of any List Subscriber should be referred to the List Manager

How to turn off HTML in Outlook Express

You can turn off  HTML in Outlook Express by going to Tools -> Options -> Send, then select Mail sending format: Plain Text.

It's also a good idea to uncheck *Reply to messages using the format in which they were sent*

Changing email address

Don't forget, if you are subscribed to the List and you change your email address, you must unsubscribe from your old address and resubscribe from your new address. If you have cancelled your old email address and forgotten to unsubscribe, email the List Manager and ask to be unsubscribed manually.

Useful Addresses & Contacts

A listing of companies or other contacts recommended by list menbers for giving good service.

Soundproofing Kits

NoiseKiller Acoustics (UK) Ltd (formerly BJ Acoustics)
103 Denbydale Way
Tel 0161 643 8070
web site www.noisekiller.co.uk
email steve@noisekiller.co.uk


Fix for Express/Ducato sloppy gear change:

Gear linkage - completely redesigned, fabricated professionally and fitted in a couple of hours by Derek Derek Findley (Delfin Design) Wimbourne Dorset
01202 840749/07718016070

Gas conversion

Cost 1100 inclusive twin tanks (90 litre total) on a 2 litreFiat Kon-Tiki
B & P Motors Hereford 01432 357462/01981 590486